Pigment Print is a print on photo paper with resin base and pigmented inks. The maximum quality and permanence of the copy is achieved.


For this range of products, we use the best materials for durability of the image that contain a microporous RC coating for inkjet….

PVC_00321Printing on PVC


Support consisting of two PVC sheets filled with extracted polystyrene (a rigid foam), which makes it lightweight.


It is outlined with a white or black edging, also PVC. Its thickness is 1 cm. Ready to hang directly on the wall.

We also have the 1/2 ctm Compact PVC.

METAL (Dibond)_00353

Printing on metal (dibond)


Multilayer panel composed of 2 aluminum sheets with a black PVC interior slat. In total, it measures 0.4 cm.


Material of great rigidity, resistant to corrosion and with little thermal expansion. To hang it you have bars or an aluminum frame on the back.

This gives greater rigidity to the dibond plate, and on the other hand, when hanging the copy, it will give the sensation that it “flies” on the wall.

It can also be installed by siliconizing the metal directly on the wall, without the bars.




Methacrylate (Perspex)


The methacrylate is a rigid thermoplastic of crystalline transparency, of excellent optical quality. It is resistant to aging and ultraviolet rays and does not yellow.


2 sheets are placed, each one of 0.25 ctms, and the image is printed inside. The image remains with an intense brightness.

To hang it has an aluminum frame on the back.