The sizes are approximate and we must adjust each time to the format of the images. You can make other sizes of those that appear here on the web reflected.

It is understood that the image will have the width proposed by the height required. If for example it is indicated that an image is 100×150, this will suppose that the photograph will be 150 cm wide by the height required for the proportion of the image.

The price of the photo is found by clicking on the PAPER selector, (Pigment-print) and they will be sent in a tube, with free shipping for mainland Spain. For the islands and abroad, you will be informed by mail.

If you want the photograph to be ready to hang, on Metal, PVC or Methacrylate supports, click on each selector and the price of each image printed on those materials will appear. Your shipping cost is calculated directly at the time of payment. For the islands and abroad, it will be budgeted and informed by mail, so that the corresponding payment is made.

See more information in the delivery section, and request quotes for personalized jobs, and additional shipping costs.